The BEARD MAIL Podcast
The BEARD MAIL Podcast
Episode 56: Beard Care Unboxing #BEARDMAIL

This is a bit different – Damo unboxes two Beardmail packages, and Dan commentates for the listeners with sound only!!  

We dig into a package from The Bearded Elite and one from Rugged Beard Co. We examine and comment on the packaging, the branding and discuss all things…well…BEARDMAIL!

As we’ve been in the Beard game for quite some time, and as Dan is a whiz at marketing, we also chat about brands, logos, packaging and the whole concept of Beardmail.  

A really good, interesting, deep, but still laugh-a-minute podcast from the Beardmail boys.  We aim to provide authentic, engaging, and thought-provoking content. 

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Two bearded experts present the Beardmail podcast. Daniel is the  Founder of RUNESILK, an independent beard care company from the UK.  Damo4Show has been around the world entering beard competitions and has been on the scene for many years.

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