Episode 56: Beard Care Unboxing #BEARDMAIL

This is a bit different – Damo unboxes two Beardmail packages, and Dan commentates for the listeners with sound only!!   We dig into a package from The Bearded Elite and one from Rugged Beard Co. We examine and comment on the packaging, the branding and discuss all things…well…BEARDMAIL! As we’ve been in the Beard […]

Episode 55: Valentine’s Special

“Love is in the air…every time I look around…” What have you planned for Valentine’s this year? Is it all a bit of a  faff? Or are you treating your other half?  We discuss some history and share some fantabulous tips about what to do, where to go and even how to treat your loved […]

Episode 54: John Jackson from Braw Beard Oils talks to the Beardmail Podcast

The man behind Braw Beard.   We have a cracking three-way with John Jackson, Co-Founder of Braw Beard Oils. We touch on The Brawcast and, of course, dive deep into the Braw Beard championships, which take place in Glasgow each year in February. https://brawbeardoils.com/the-braw-beard-and-moustache-championships-2023/   Some great inspiring moments and tips in here too. We […]

Episode 53: Your Questions Answered pt. 2

In this episode, we answer questions put to us in our Facebook group. There were so many questions asked, we had to split this topic into two parts. This is the second of the two part series. We really did have a lot of fun on these last two, answering your questions. Tune in to […]

Episode 52: Your Questions Answered pt. 1

In this episode, we answer questions put to us in our Facebook group. There were so many questions asked, we had to split this topic into two parts. Tune in to see how we answered the following questions.  If you could be a cake, what type would you be? Tell us about the time you […]

Episode 51: That or This?

Damo and Dan both expressed their excitement for the upcoming parkrun events and shared their plans to participate in as many as possible. They discussed how parkrun is a great way to stay active and motivated, and how it’s a fun and inclusive community. They also talked about how they plan to improve their running […]

Episode 50: AI Content Creation

In this episode of Beardmail, Damo and Dan discuss Chat GPT and the art of creating content with artificial intelligence. They delve into the world of AI art and the role of copywriting in the process. We ask Chat GPT to write a poem about a bearded here. Create a compelling product description and even […]

Episode 49: What is a Yeard?

Welcome to the Yeard podcast! In this episode, we’re joined by Damo4Show  and Dan from Runesilk, who are both experts in the art of beard-growing.  They share their top tips and tricks for cultivating a  full, healthy beard, and discuss the challenges and rewards of committing to a year-long beard journey.  But that’s not all! […]

Episode 48: Are Beard Rollers Legit?

Welcome to the “BEARDMAIL” podcast, where we discuss beard stuff alongside a variety of topics. In today’s episode, we will be talking about a lesser-known beard grooming technique: using hair rollers. That is right; hair rollers are not just for your head – they can also be used to add volume and shape to your […]

Episode 47: What Beard Suits Me?

Trying to decide which beard suits you can be a challenge, as there are so many styles and lengths available!  Do you want something trendy, or do you prefer a more classic style of facial hair?  The key is to choose something that compliments your face shape and works with your lifestyle. For example, if […]